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Securing Local Government: Defending against attacks on key segments of private industry and the general public.

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Guest Editorial: Password manager software helps corral user log-ins

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  • "I would like to reach out and see what other government agencies are using for their IT storage, service and website. We are considering cloud storage verses purchasing a new server. We are a relatively small government and we need to poll other agencies and see what options are the most efficient and cost effective for our use. We also use a local vendor for our email and website hosting service...

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    2 days, 21 hours and 12 minutes ago
  • From a COIN member: "Does your jurisdiction require elected officials to participate in your Mobile Device management security (mobile phones, tablets, etc.)? If not, how do these individuals justify not participating?"

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    7 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes ago
  • Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) and the Iowa League of Cities, in cooperation with the Iowa Communities Assurance Pool (ICAP) are holding a one-day conference is meant for all local Iowa government officials who wish to learn more about protecting themselves, their organization, and their information from cybercrime. Are you doing the same in your county/state? Share your experience with...

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    more than 2 weeks ago

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