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Any County, Municipality, School or business- anywhere in the USA Can avail themselves of a no cost utility bill audit of telephone, gas/electric, water and sewer bills. Most recently a large City in Bergen County received over 200,000 back and a school received over 100,000.00. We invite you to ask us any questions and contact us for a free analysis. We only require 1 month telephone bill and 12 months gas/electric/water/sewer to begin.

Posted by rld 1 day, 22 hours and 32 minutes ago.
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Hi everyone. I am involved in the operation of COIN, and my sons have a successful modern rock band and with a new album. One of the songs, "Real Life" has a music video about the real-life impacts of drug addiction - in this case simple pain killers - a rapidly increasing cause of overdose. It's tasteful but impactful, a powerful song, and an interesting way for anyone to quickly see the downside of drugs. We want to promote it in the right places to help the overall community. Your help and advice would be most welcomed. The video is on YouTube Thank you very much for your support

Posted by pcwatts more than 2 weeks ago.


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